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What is neodymium Bar Magnet?

The magnetic filter (bar magnet) series is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel tube and strong neodymium magnet and other materials through a special production process, which can be combined and fixed. Both ends can be made with internal or external threads. When the iron-containing material passes through, it is attracted by the magnetic rod and completely adsorbs the iron-containing material on the pipe wall to achieve the purpose of removing iron and ensure the integrity of the equipment and the product. Security. At the same time, it is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary tubes, does not pollute raw materials, and is more durable, and the magnetic field is more uniform. Use occasions: various materials, the ambient temperature is -40℃ to 200℃, if the temperature environment is even higher, you can customize samarium cobalt, but the maximum temperature is 400℃. Our company produces the highest magnetic 4000Gs-12000Gs


Types of Bar Magnet

There are two types of bar magnet:

Cylindrical bar magnet: A cylindrical rod is also known as rod magnets that have a thickness equal to larger than the diameter enabling high magnetism property.

Rectangular bar magnet: Rectangular bar magnets find applications in manufacturing and engineering industries as they have magnetic strength and field greater than the other magnets.

Size of Bar Magnet

Diameter: D10-50mm

Length: 80-1500mm

According to customer request.

What is bar magnet used for?

Magnetic rods are mainly used to remove ferromagnetic impurities in powder, granular materials and liquid or slurry. They are mainly used in plastics, food, environmental protection, filtration, chemicals, electricity, building materials, ceramics, pharmaceutical powders, mines, and coal mines. And other industries.


Safety Warning:

1. Make sure keep the magnets are out of reach children and pets,it is not a TOY, and small magnets will pose a choking hazard.

2. Watch your fingers, as they are very strong magnets, which are difficult to pull apart and fly together quickly from far away, so it is very easy to pinch fingers between attracting poles.

3. Keep the magnets far way from medical devices, electronic products,and magnetic media, as our magnets have strong magnetic fields which may affect and/or disrupt the functioning of these medical devices,electronic products,and magnetic media.

4. Magnets are fragile, they can crack, chip, or shatter if allowed to slam against each other. so make sure handle with care, eye protection glasses.

How to order neodymium bar magnet?

1.When send inquiry, please advise your details requirements for bar magnets.

2.According to customer request, will offer our quotation and production time, if customer have samples, also can send samples for your test firstly, we will offer quotation according to customer’s samples.

3.AIM Magnet samples production before bulk order production.

4.Confirm PO/PI and payment

5.Mass production.


7.Assist customers to follow up the delivery status, after-sales follow-up.


Buyer Guide :

In order to quote you the best price quickly . please provide the following information of neodymium bar magnet:

1. neodymium magnet size . grade . coating. ect

2. Order quantity

3. Attached the drawing if customized

4. Any special packing or other requirement

5.The neodymium magnet application(product) and working temperature.


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