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High pot neodymium magnet for office

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High pot neodymium magnet for office


Hook neodymium magnet for office

Prefect Refrigerator Magnets For Fridge,Also Can be used As Craft Magnets.Prefect Size And Easy to Find.
Magnetic And Durable Fridge Magnets,Hold More than 10 Pcs of Paper ! ! 100 Pack of Magnets With Stainless Steel.
Easily Removable Mini Magnets:No Marks or Stains While Removing From Your Board,Fridge Or Washing Machine Etc.
Widely Used Round Cylinder Magnets In Your Daily Life: Crafting, Jewelry, Office boards,Lockers,Refrigerators, Even Creat DIY Magnets.
Super Value Pack And Work Better Than You Imagine.Perfect Pack Of Magnets for Hanging What You Want.

Product description

About The LOVIMAG Small Disc Magnets
Colour: Silver
Quantity:Set of 100
Shape: Block bar
As For The Prefect Size and Magnetic,LOVIMAG Mini Magnets Can be Easily Stick to any Stainless Steel refrigerator, Washing machine, office board.School Lockers Etc.
Prefect For Office,Craft,Science Project,School Supplies, Hobby.
No-Scratch Technologyt
Each Stainless Steel magnets won’t leave a single scratch on it.
Each Stainless Steel Magnet Features Clean And Sleek Round Form Manufactured Using New No-Scratch Technology And Strong Magnetic Ability.


Question:Are these neodymimum magnets?
Answer:Yes. I like these very much.

How big in diameter are these?
Answer:15mm diameter
Question:can this be used for magnetic slime
Answer:I don’t think so.They are small, but not as small as the magnets used for magnetic slime. They are also incredibly strong and it is hard to even pull one off the roll that they come in.I don’t think it would work to try to use them for magnetic slime.

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Hook neodymium magnet for office